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The Art Gallery of Tony Jiménez is located in Guayabo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The art gallery sits on the foot hills of Miravalles Volcano. Visit the art gallery not only to see the exquisite art work of Tony Jiménez and other Costa Rican artists, but also to enjoy the unique landscapes, cool fresh air, the nearby volcanic hot springs.

Tony Jiménez
Tony Jiménez, born in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Feburary 1978, at the age of 19 he started sculpture. Today he is a well known artist that has participated in numerous exhibitions, collectives and personal including ‘The national symposium of Sculptors, Barva 2002’ and ‘The Biennial of sculpture BTC’ in the national Gallery where he received an honorary mention.

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Collective exhibition

September 1998
San José

Collective exhibition
Casa de la Cultura
José Figueres
November 1998
San José

Individual Exhibition
Hotel Britania
June 2000
San José

Bienal de Escultura
National Gallery
July 2000
San José

Collective Exhibition

Scultors Simposium
March 2001

Organizer of Guayabo Art Exhibition
April 2002
Guayabo of Bagaces, Guanacaste

Individual Exhibition
October 2002

Bienal de Escultura BTC
Honorable Mention
Nacional Gallery
July 2002
San José

Collective Exhibition

Collective Exhibition
May 2003

Collective Exhibition
June 2003

First National Symposium of sculptors
Barva of Heredia

Individual Exhibitions
February 2004



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